A Little Personal Work - Peace of Art Gallery

I was at the bastion of American culture that is ‘The Mall’ with my fiancee a few weekends ago doing some shopping for a thing. As we’re cruising the plastic wasteland, something catches my eye, the very corner of my eye, just in passing…something not processed and plastic. Its…art. Actual fine art. It’s in fact a skateboard, done up in cool graffiti, hanging on the wall in a storefront among a few other skateboards. We go in and discover…more art. Actual hand made fine art. Much of it very good.

We are standing in Peace of Art Gallery at Stratford Square Mall, and its really quite nice. As are the owners. We get to chatting, and short story even shorter, the following weekend, I’m shooting their portraits. Always fun to get to meet cool people and shoot cool stuff however I feel I want to. Making more personal work is the resolution for this year, and so far I’m off to a good start! Here are some images from that shoot.