A Departure From The Norm: Stonecutting For Polycor

So...I shoot architectural stuff a lot and interiors even more often. I generally don't get asked to shoot subjects outside of that realm overly often, but really enjoy when I do. It forces me to think differently about my approach to photography and makes me find new ways of doing things.

That was the case on this shoot for Polycor at their stonecutting facility in Chicago. I knew it'd be wet and gross on the floor, so lights on stands with wires and power packs hanging out in the soup seemed like a poor solution. No one wants to be electrocuted. I did want to freeze the motion of all the cool water drops and machine spray, so I went with a handheld flash (held by my assistant) and a reflector opposite it (held by a very cool facility employee). These photos are the result. I totally got what I wanted aesthetically, the client was happy, and I got to try something new.