Carbon Arc

This is the en suite restaurant and some shots of the theater proper of the recently rehabbed Davis Theater in Chicago. I got to shoot this for Kennedy Mann Architecture, a firm that works very much in my preferred style, modern, clean and fun. This particular project aimed to keep the 1920's 'golden era of Hollywood', feel alive with Deco trim and motif throughout the space, fitting as the space was originally built around the turn of the last century. The theater itself had had a drop ceiling installed which covered beautiful gilded architectural details which Kennedy Mann brought back into play, refurbishing them within an inch of their pristine heyday state.

Specific to the bar shot, I was able to try a new style that I've been seeing more and more of. Rather than augmenting existing light in the space, I created the key light and augmented that with additional external lighting. That's what gives it the crisp, dark look rather than my usual open, glowing white light feel. This is a welcome addition to my arsenal of lighting tactics, and I look forward to playing around with this technique more.