Personal Project: Artists in Space

For the past few years I've been working on a personal series of artists in their studio spaces. As an architectural shooter, I'm interested almost as much in the spaces where artists make their work as in the artists themselves. It often feels electric to be amidst the paints and brushes and oil pastels and paper and canvases...and if not electric, it at least is inspiring to see where art is made. In a former life, I wanted to be a fine artist, a painter specifically, bu life had other plans. In photographing these people, I can sort of nostalgically relive days when I painted...there just isn't time for that for me anymore. I've found the experience to be bitter sweet, I miss it but don't have the energy (or really the talent) to make it worth my time anymore. This isn't to say that I don't still doddle (maybe I'll share some of those doodles here on the blog sometime), I just feel that my artistic efforts are better devoted to making photographs, even if they are of other artists. Here're a few of them.