Trunk Club

So I got to shoot for Trunk Club, a super neat company that operates clubhouses where you can come and get fitted by a stylist who then coordinates a wardrobe and ships it directly to your home via the namesake trunk. I almost considered being paid in clothes. It was a fantastically fun shoot, and sort of an 'I've arrived' moment. There were like, twelve people running around the set, and mid way through, it occurred to me that I was essentially responsible for all of it. I was coordinating stylists, chatting with art directors, being extremely nice to my hard working assistants, and cranking out some pretty neat work. All that, and I'd kicked over my tripod within the first three minutes of the shoot, smashed up the lens I had planned to use, made do, and got the shoot nailed anyway. Felt really good to handle myself the way I did, and I look forward to the next big production I get to be a part of.