Door County 2015

Door County, WI holds a special place in my heart. For about a bazillion years, various generations of my family have vacationed here. There's not as much call for traditional Wisconsin supper club meals that are four courses and all involve a big hearty slice of red meat at some point anymore, and so old family favorite restaurants are shuttered or replaced by overpriced 'haute cuisine'. There are more fancy spa resorts than there are rustic cabins now, and craft chocolatiers and distilleries outnumber cheesy miniature golf courses by a wide margin. The once incredible art scene has been watered down by people who make fine-art lawn sprinklers and 'beadwork' (chintzy tourist necklaces), but it is still obviously the place of my memories, on the surface and deeper down. The natural beauty of the place hasn't changed. Here's a few photos that prove that, and demonstrate why my kid's kids will still want to come here.