Axis Mundi

Did a shoot for New York based design firm Axis Mundi. I shot this entire project without using a single light by being able to use reflectors and white cards to bounce the existing light in the space.

Alex for True Yoga

I generally don't need mood boards because shooting interiors means most of what I'm going to work with is already there. This time I brought in a model, made a mood board, and came up with the concept for a clean, natural looking shoot of an athlete doing some yoga. I really like how it came out.

Wonderful Wicker Park

Shot this for designer friend Georgios Angelakopoulos. Lots of good 'almost but not quite' portfolio work here. Nice mix of ambient and supplemental light.

Keiser Fitness Van

One of the more interesting shoot concepts I've ever been a part of. Inside this van are four or five functional exercise machines. They needed photographing. This was also a fun chance to flex my muscles a bit in unfamiliar territory.

Publishing House B+B

This was for architecture firm NUSHU. Loved this old publishing house turned hip hotel. Very chill clients considering some gear broke on set and I had to run out and buy a new one.

1900 Mozart

Shot this for Sig Froelich Architecture. Loved so many of these that I felt they needed a home, although they weren’t all portfolio pieces.